The PDF is Killing Your Close Rate. What Are You Doing About it?

Join Proposify’s CEO Kyle Racki on the webinar: "How Proposal Software is Giving Modern Sales and Marketing Leaders the Competitive Edge".

What you’ll learn:

We’re going to be straight here. When it comes to proposals, the PDF has its time and place: in the past. It’s essentially a stone tablet - it’s not customizable, it’s not interactive, and it does nothing to excite your prospects. Worst of all, it provides zero insight into the buyer journey. How does that help you and your team streamline your sales process, outshine your competition, and hit your targets? It doesn’t. Which is why Kyle Racki of Proposify is sharing a revolutionary new approach that will take your team from the dark ages of lost deals and underperforming reps, and into a bright future of sales success.

About Kyle:

  • Kyle Racki, CEO of Proposify

    An entrepreneur for more than 10 years, the co-founder and CEO of Proposify, and a graduate of the school of hard knocks with a major in street smarts, Kyle is focused on empowering companies to improve their sales so they can reap the benefits that come with a thriving business. From selling 6-figure projects to closing 8-figure investment deals, Kyle knows how to close.

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